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Dogs have a different way of thinking and learning compared to humans, living in the here and now. That's why modern dog trainers work with positive reinforcement, connecting things together. Successful acquisition of new commands and skills is often achieved through treats, petting, and playful learning. It is important to reward dogs satisfactorily to achieve the best learning effect.

Doggyroller was founded in May 2020 by Michael Tripold during his dog trainer training. The idea arose from the realization that dogs experience true happiness with every reward. To intensify and capture these moments, the concept of Doggyroller was born.

Dog owners know the feeling: you offer a chewy treat as a reward, it's quickly swallowed, and the moment is gone. With Doggyroller, the reward moment lasts much longer and is more intense, allowing the pet to fully savor the moment, which is their primary goal in life.

An added benefit is the ability to reward healthily, as the owner determines what goes into the dispenser.

In 2021, Doggyroller won the
Top for Dog Award
from a panel of experts.

Top For Dog 2021
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Today, many dog owners, trainers, therapists, and veterinarians rely on Doggyroller's various reward dispensers. Numerous success stories pave the way for our sustainable treat dispensers. Over the past few years, our products have established themselves and are now available in well-stocked pet supply stores throughout Europe.

Since 2022, our range has been continuously expanding, offering useful, unique, and popular pet supply products to enhance our offerings.

With over 30,000 satisfied users of our products, we aim to shape the future and continue to make the lives of both two-legged and four-legged creatures easier and more enriching. Because then, we know that these wonderful animals are receiving a satisfying reward.