Doggyroller, Doggypumper, and Doggytube are setting new standards in dog rewards. Whether during dog training, on the go, during dog walks, during potty training, while learning commands, recall training, in difficult and stressful situations, during trick training, for triggers, or during visits to the vet – reward dispensers are a must. The Doggyroller calms your furry friend during the dispensing of liquid treats. With the Doggypumper, you reward with firmer dog food. The Doggytube is flexible and can be filled with both thick liquid treats and semi-solid dog food. With our products, you always determine WHAT you feed and HOW MUCH you give.

Smart, easy to use, and particularly intense moments of reward.

The primary goal in a dog's life is to be rewarded. What could be better than extending this moment or making it healthy and individually tailored to your dog? Use our treat dispensers for sustainable rewards.

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